The Lone Star Ranch and Home Group was created in 2022!

We grew up in Washington County and are now both raising our families here as well.  This area is immensely important to both of us and is our home in every sense of the word.  Real Estate sales is our bread and butter, but what sets up apart is our experience in owning and managing ranches and dealing in our own property investments.  Give us a call today and let's chat about how we can help you.

Why Us

Rural texas property is in our blood. We decided to raise our families on land and have both sold enough real estate to own property ourselves. We know all the ins and outs of ranch living and have qualified contractors for everything. Want a  lake, skeet range, hunting setup, wildflower seeding, dove plot, general cleanup? We have you covered. We own a ranch management company and have helped hundreds of people turn their dream into a reality. Our competitive advantage is our unmatched guidance and connections prepping properties for listing and helping buyers after the sale. Any listing we get, we offer oversight and our team of labor on preparing and tidying. And any buyer we help purchase a property we help for years after with our connections and labor. Any day of the week we have some of our team members on a property we sold helping the buyer with a task. 

Closing the deal is the easiest part of buying land but don't be fooled it is complex. Chris and Matt have collectively been number one in our firm for the past 5 years. Closing over $100 million in local deals has given us total confidence in negotiating and understanding our Brazos Valley market. We know the risks and opportunities of mineral rights. We know the comparable prices of sold property. We can guide a seller to a fair and reasonable price. We also believe we are bar-none the best agents to help new buyers get a fair price and understand the expenses coming to make their land what they want. 

We invest in properties ourselves.  We not only understand the market as agents, but also as participaters in it.  We have an eye for what makes a property more valuable and where you can get the most "bang for your buck".  We have the knowledge and understanding about how to make a property better and the vision for what a place could be.  This not only helps in getting a property ready to list, but is invaluable when it comes to selling it to potential buyers by selling them on the vision of what a place could be.  Imagine being on a tour with an agent who has no experience in the market themselves.  What questions are being missed?  What insights are being left out?  After a tour with us, buyers have a complete understanding for what a property does and can offer.